QuizNight.net Seattle

The Ould Triangle

9736 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 706-7798

 Thursdays, 8:30 PM

Teams:5 players or fewer
Prizes:Cash prizes and beer

1st place team wins the pot; 2nd and 3rd place teams win a pitcher of beer

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From another correspondent: "The Ould Triangle has a new Trivia Host, Mistress Jina. Every team pays $2/person, 1st wins the money, 2nd and 3rd win a pitcher of beer. Also, Jina gives out fun prices throughout the night. She even buys a round of shots for the team that answers the first 5 questions correctly. It's a lot of fun. She is a hoot. The Ould Triangle is still not serving food, but all the local restaurants deliver. On Sundays they have an amazing free BBQ and music. The beer garden or patio out back is covered with a great seating area around a new gas fireplace."

A correspondent writes: "Things are a bit different. OT no longer allows dogs...too many, not responsible owners, complaints, sad really, but that's the way it goes. One pool table, two dart boards, great smoking patio--sometimes heated. Trivia still on Thursdays--NOW WITH POWER POINT. Music, pictures. Very fun. Still some kinks and tweaks, but overall an improvement. Familial, like your livingroom, but very welcoming to newcomers. One change, weekly each team pitches in $2 that goes towards a pot for the THIRD Thursday of the month, that money goes to the winner that week. Also one bonus question from the previous week. Good times!"

Greenwood's Ould Triangle is a fairly typical Seattle neighborhood joint, with a couple of pool tables and a roomy seating area out back that sees action when the weather's nice. It's a very dog-friendly place, so bring Fido along if you like. They don't serve food, so eat before you go or make plans to order in a pizza. We found the questions to be fairly easy; it's a good place for casual players.

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