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Fado Irish Pub

801 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 264-2700

Geeks Who Drink

 Wednesdays, 6:30 PM

Teams:6 players or fewer
Prizes:Gift Certificates

A Geeks Who Drink quiz. Eight rounds of eight questions each, including a music round, an audio round, and a picture round. Free to play, with gift certificates for the winning team and five bonus questions per night for free pints of beer.

Five of the eight themes for the night are teased on the venue specific Geeks Who Drink mailing list (sign up on their website), and the results for each quiz are posted the next day on their blog.

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Sound Off

A popular Irish pub conveniently located next to the viaduct onramp, Fadó features a decent selection of food and beer served up by a friendly wait staff. We recommend the fries, which we thought were delicious. Fadó is a big place, but trivia is popular, so consider making a reservation ahead of time, especially if you're bringing a big group.

Trivia caters to the downtown after-work crowd with a 6:30 pm start time each Wednesday. Questions are asked in eight rounds of five questions each, which takes about an hour and a half. Questions are moderately difficult, and tend to be inspired more by VH1 and ESPN than by Encyclopædia Brittanica: music, movie, and sports rounds tend to be popular. A beer round midway through the evening wins a round of beer for the team with the most correct answers in the round.

Questions are piped through the entire establishment using the PA system, which isn't all it could be—when we visited we didn't catch the bit about bringing your answer sheet up each round, which caused us to lose the four points we would have earned in the first round. We were also sitting next to a couple of tables that weren't playing and didn't seem to feel obliged to quiet down while the emcee was speaking, so be prepared for that. Ties at the end are resolved by a drink-off involving a representative from each tied team.

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