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Celtic Swell

2722 Alki Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 932-7935

 Tuesdays, 8:00 PM

Prizes:Cash and half off the teams tab at announcement.

Hosted by the lovely and very talented Lyndsey Becktold.

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A correspondent writes: "As a Tuesday night Pub Trivia regular at The Celtic Swell, I can update you: It is $5 per team if you want a shot at the winning pot. Teams can have more than 6 but only 6 pieces of swag will be allowed per team for the top 3 winning teams. First place takes the pot. There are 4 rounds that change topics weekly. Great waitstaff and hosts."

"Irish built, owned and operated," the Celtic Swell is a friendly, airy pub on the shores of Alki Beach in west Seattle, just across Alki Avenue from the Statue of Liberty. The Celtic knotwork and uncial script on the sign out front help clue in passersby that this might be a good place to obtain a pint o' the Guinness after an afternoon playing frisbee, or rollerblading, or doing whatever people do on Alki. A side door leads to a tiny fenced-in patio between the Celtic Swell and the adjoining building, giving outdoor diners a modest view of Puget Sound. The menu is a quality mix of traditional pub fare and alternative choices, including several vegetarian selections. The wait staff is friendly and helpful, and we found service to be quite good in general.

Arriving between 7:30 and 8 should get you a good table for trivia. Questions tended toward the difficult the night we visited—there was an album-titles-themed round that was absolute murder—though quite a few of them were multiple choice questions, which makes it possible to derive a lot of answers by reasoning if you're good at that sort of thing. Top prize is a gift certificate you can use the next time you visit the Celtic Swell, or swag from sponsor Pilsner Urquell (hats, T-shirts, that sort of thing). We recommend asking clarifying questions about the prize situation if you happen to win. We pulled off a squeaker when we visited, and it wasn't made clear to us until after we'd kitted out in Pilsner Urquell T-shirts that we were allowed to choose either the gift certificate or the swag… not both. Free clothing is nice, but free food is nice too.

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