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Beveridge Place Pub

6413 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136
(206) 932-9906

 Wednesdays, 8:00 PM

Teams:8 players or fewer
Prizes:Winning team receives 80% of the pot; Runner-up gets 20%

Four rounds of ten, plus a bonus round of five-ish questions. Often topical, often irreverent, questions are written to both challenge and pique your interest.

Play generally takes place over a 6 week season, culminating in a final night for double the money.

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Sound Off

I'm an occasional pub trivia host, and have been for about three years (all on the Eastside), and I have some feedback.

I was really disappointed in the trivia you have (and I'm not looking for your business - just wanna give honest feedback). There are some plusses (themed rounds, music round, good sound system), but the game takes WAY too long. Tonight's round started 30 minutes late, then lasted almost three hours. Three hours! I understand that the purpose of pub trivia is to drive business to the pub, and the longer you keep people there, the more food and drink get sold. But there's a happy medium, and seeing how many people were gone before the game was over, I imagine it needs to be tightened up.

I have some suggestions to save time:

Do not score after every round. Score once after 2-3 rounds, then again at the end.

Do not read out who's in what place after each round! If I hear "sixth place" after round 3, I'm leaving. You're killing the suspense.

Do not make the host score. Have teams trade their answers with another team and group score. It may sound crazy, but people will not bitch as much as you think they will. Try it - it'll save a ton of time.

No complicated scoring. Half points and negative points are confusing when you're hosting in a noisy environment and have to explain it three times.

A five point question at the end? You should never let a team jump three slots based on a single answer. That's what happened to us tonight - we were in first going into the last round, then dropped to fourth because we didn't know one question? I don't care about losing, I care more about the game rewarding overall trivia knowledge. We felt cheated.

Which leads me to another point - bonus points for buying beer or wine? Now you can buy your victory? Crazy uncompetitive.

80% pot to first? Maybe ask Beveridge Place to offer gift certificates for 1st, 2nd, 3rd? That earns repeat business for the bar (you can implement a rule that the gift cert cannot be used on the same night as you won it).

Go. Faster. Read the question twice, wait 30 seconds, read the next one. Keep it moving. The game shouldn't last more than two hours tops - 90 minutes is even better. People can plan for a 90 minute stay, but not three+ hours.

Don't start 30 minutes late - this is a given, but figured I'd mention it.

Bottom line is this: my team tonight was playing for the first time together. We decided to find a different spot to play next week. I'd be happy to come back if I hear it won't be lasting until 11pm or later, because it's Wednesday night, not Friday. People have to work in the morning.

I recognize that the regular host was gone tonight, but man... that was painful.

Thanks for reading, guys.

Jesse  June 14, 2017 at 10:14 pm

I am the regular host. I was in the er that night. The game never runs past 1030 otherwise, but that night, a bunch of coverage and whatnot had to happen because I was literally in the hospital.

Ranked Best Pub of 2006 by Northwest Brewing News, Beveridge Place Pub is a pretty good place to raise a glass, with 22 brews on tap (16 rotating) and a hundred more in bottles. Unfortunately, it's not such a good place to raise a fork, so you might want to consider ordering in a pizza or eating before you come. The bar area, where trivia is held, features a cozy atmosphere, with couches, oak tables, board games, and cards; the game room in back has pool tables and darts. It's a "dog-friendly" establishment, which can be either good or bad depending on how you feel about that sort of thing.

Trivia consists of 5 rounds, each of which usually has a theme. The last round consists of 5 clues (each 1 point), with the final answer worth 5 points; doing well here can catapult a middle-tier team to the top. The top two teams split the pot 80/20, and the last place team gets the "Turkey Award," which gives them the right to choose the topic for one of next week's rounds.

rain  July 15, 2014 at 8:17 pm

The Beveridge Place has 36 taps with 4 taps dedicated to Ciders.

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