QuizNight.net Seattle

June 8, 2020

We started QuizNight.net in 2006 for one simple reason: there were no good options online for finding places to play pub trivia in Seattle, so we decided to make one. From the start we hoped to turn the site into a much bigger resource with additional community features and partnerships with local venues, and eventually expand to other cities. Unfortunately, all three of us have full-time jobs, and we were never able to put the time and effort into making QuizNight.net into what we believed it could be. Nevertheless, we've heard from scores of you about how helpful you've found our website, and we'll always be proud of that.

As we post this message, the world remains in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic that has closed bars and restaurants around Seattle and just about everywhere else. We don't know how long it will be before people feel comfortable with the kinds of mass gatherings that make things like pub trivia possible, but it seems certain that the post-coronavirus world will look very different from the one we've always known. As a result, we've made the difficult decision to shut QuizNight.net down.

Are we gone for good? Will QuizNight.net ever come back? Never say never... but honestly, this has been a long time coming. While we still hope to find our way back to a local quiz or two once it's safer to do so, the fact is our interests and priorities have been pulling us in other directions for a while, and we just haven't been able to put in the work necessary to truly do the site justice. If you are interested in purchasing QuizNight.net and taking it back to the level it deserves, please drop us a line at brains@quiznight.net.

Fourteen years is a hell of a ride. Thank you, Seattle.

Brian, Erik, and Paul